My mind has traveled to everywhere while my body remains in one spot….

thoughts and thoughts that it begins to give me headaches, sleepless nights and stress… The world is quite a lonely place.. am an introvert doesn’t help.. this is a way of life i cultivated many years in other curb the disadvantages that comes along with being out there a lot.

i have my kids, they are beautiful they are one source of joy for me….my job I love too.

i have put in a lot to build a career in the path I choose..

This morning I sit and ponder..when are my going to start my weight loss…where would i move to? when am ready to move…would it be a good area?….I am all my children have got…I am a single parent, am tired, would this times get better? i hope to fulfill my heart desires before i leave this life…Most times people see me as strong but am constantly in a battle with my mind!